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Friday, May 6, 2011

-Real Guys-

at 3:57 PM

1. He won't tell you he's crying.

Attention seekers most probably would say : "Hey, I'm crying right now because of you"

If a guy wants you to know that he is fucking crying then he doesn't know the first thing about being a man. Okay, maybe he wants to show you that he has feelings but if hep points it out, it clearly shows he wants your sympathy. If a guy cries in front of you without saying a word (and there are obvious signs he's trying to hold it in), then he means it.

Solution : Tell him he's a pussy - okay, maybe that's too rough. Na. There's no solution to this one.

2. He'd wait even if it takes 10 million years.
Selfish guys most probably would say : "How long more do you want me to wait?"

If a guy is totally into you, he'd actually wait until you are ready and won't rush things. Rushing is the cause of guys dumping girls saying they don't feel it anymore. Well, that's 100% rubbish. If he says those nine words up there to you, then well he's either desperate or he's afraid he might lose you.

Solution : Promises are a complete NO! Talk things out and tell him everything you have to say - trust me, it works.

 He likes you for who you are.
Jerks most probably would say : "Why can't you be like her?"

Why do you even need to be her? Girls don't like to be compared to other girls! Everyone knows that. So boys, if you have a girlfriend who is not girlish and you know it, don't force/make her wear dresses, heels or pink. Why would you go out with someone who is not dressing/behaving like themselves? Bullshit.

Solution : Leave him. Really, if he asks you to change - just forget bout him. He doesn't deserve you.

 He doesn't cry to the Internet.
Loners most probably would
 post nasty stuff on his wall.

Real guys have friends. Only guys who have more female hormones in their body desperately tells the whole world about you both. Example ; posting miserable wall posts, emotional quotes and calling you names on his page. Not only that, he would always change his relationship status everytime you guys quarrel. I find that very immature and so fucking annoying.

Solution : Hack his account. Any better ideas?

 He gives you space.
Clingy guys most probably give you
 nine voicemails cos you didn't pick up his call - without an S.

One of the causes? He doesn't have any friends. So before you two get together, get to know his confidantes. A clingy person takes a relationship way too serious that they actually plan their life with you in it all the way. He gets jealous easily and he calls you every fucking minute even if you are with your bff - how irritating is that?

Solution : Suggest him a hobby besides stalking you - not kidding.
That's all I have to say for now. Don't get offended. Everything up here is a part of my opinion so if you disagree on everything above, you may leave this site and never come again. Okay?

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