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Thursday, May 19, 2011

copycat !

at 3:52 PM
why ? how could you do this to me.  i really hate you now BITCH !  

after all of my work, my idea was been stolen by you, do you think that i've never knew then ? after all good that I handed to you, you can glad copy my sentence and my idea why ? why huhh? do you've been VERY STUPID or the LAZIEST one until had to been a COPYCAT ! did you doesn't have your own idea ? !!
hey !! did you realized that how hard I am struggling to find the good one idea for this blog and YET ! you'll feel free to copy it. DAMN. how poor you are in my eye's when mostly gladly put my words as your own. ouhh, shit ! you are same with the thief outsider. ostensibly then, let people blind on you and think thats it's yours ? Great ! you are certainly shameless BITCH. I hate you copycat ! repeat,  I HATE COPYCAT SO FUCKING DAMN MUCH ! 
S.O.B !! 

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