Ya Allah, wahai Tuhan kami, hidupkanlah kami dengan iman, ambillah nyawa kami dalam iman, serta masukkan lah kami ke dalam SYURGAMU bersama-sama iman. AMIN

Friday, April 29, 2011

at 8:02 PM

babe, u don't know how much i like u. but it clearly u can't be mine. u know how much difficult this is. to me. to u. the time we spend it together, your smile. the way u seduce me, the way u talks, the way u look me. ohh, i can't forget that. it always linger on my mind. you are everything that i looking for when i wasn't even looking. i hurt myself for this so you don't have to. i will be waiting for u. if we just can get back for old time. u will be fully mine :')  

. DEA  O.O

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