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Saturday, October 1, 2011

something new !!

at 8:37 PM
This is Zameera Zamrose OFFICIAL blog \(^.^)/

RAYA event by nursing 2/2011 ♥
A very apologize for this entry today due to already lay'n down lots of picture than a notes. #malas sebenarnya. HAHA.
all in all, I can conclude that our RAYA event was SIMPLE, nice, nevertheless it was MEMORIABLE (: love it !
after paid off our Maghrib, adik, laila, yana, zati, aina and me, was starting our makeup and grooming session . # this is unformal session okay :P

setting : medan pelatih KSKB JB .
time : 20.00 - 00.00 midnight.
attire : casual (:
theme : RAYA !
Bring it on BABEH  :
tuan punya tapak (:

with my class rep ♥
kawan !

kawan sayang !

adek COMEL kat belakang tu !!

saya minum okay ?

comel kan kaka ira nie (:

kueh raya O:

aku paling pendek -.-'' eh,eh. HAHA (:

Okay, this on the other hand during  Laila was been PRANK by us ! #sorry LAILA, we does it b'coz we LOVE you ♥
date : 25-09-11
avenue: Jaya Jusco Tebrau 
snapsnap from us :
she touched ♥
cake !
Our MEAL !  stone grill !


today was a lucky,lucky day because adik, Laila, Yana and me had been granted our FREE meal for lunch !
repeat ! without FEE okay uoollss (: jelous ta you ? HAHA. next, four of us straight take a cab for having our dessert at this :

then, this are the result :


thank you ♥

#credit's for Nurul Jannah Munirah Nasruddin for teaching me doing this : ♥ 
thank you adik (:
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