Ya Allah, wahai Tuhan kami, hidupkanlah kami dengan iman, ambillah nyawa kami dalam iman, serta masukkan lah kami ke dalam SYURGAMU bersama-sama iman. AMIN

Monday, June 10, 2013

Semester break of me .

at 5:25 PM
This is Zameera Zamrose OFFICIAL blog ‎♥

Assalammualaikum & Hello there !

Okay follow the diagram before, I though this are enough to describe my condition right now . 

semester break! Or is it? : A boring sort-of update.

It looks like even with the writing challenge I still can’t bring myself to blog daily, which is a shame. And now I tried changing the blog background for, you know, to bring out the blogging mood again.

It usually works...for a couple of days, trust me  

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